About – Tonke L. de Jong, PhD

Before starting my business

in academic support …

… I worked for six years as a scientist

From 2015 to 2019, I worked as a PhD researcher at the BioMechanical Engineering Department at Delft University of Technology on the improvement of needle placement in interventional radiology. I worked together with medical doctors from the Erasmus MC, Rotterdam.

My research got published in several peer-reviewed journals. I presented my work at international conferences and got an award for Best Oral Presentation at the 6th Dutch Conference on Bio-Medical Engineering in 2017.

During my PhD, I supervised several interns and graduate students and I was involved in teaching courses, such as: Medical Instruments, Physiology & Engineering, and Applied Experimental Methods.

After my PhD, I did postdoctoral research at the Nuclear Medicine Department of Isala hospital from 2020 to 2022.

Then …

… During the first full COVID lockdown,

I started Doctor Tonke


I help PhD students to become independent and confident researchers by offering academic support.

I started my business “Doctor Tonke” with the Digital PhD Groups; support groups for junior scientists in Corona times. It was amazing to support these scientists and it showed to me the real need for more academic support.

… I’ve trained over 400 researchers

Doctor Tonke expanded quickly. My clients are private individuals, but also bigger institutes, such as Delft University of Technology, Maastricht University, and University of Twente. In 2022 I organized the first academic writing retreat for researchers.

But being an academic skills trainer is not enough …

… I simply love to write and research


That’s why I work as a freelance scientific consultant and medical writer for companies, publishers, and universities. I do have e.g. experience in writing and creating scientific peer-reviewed journal publications, publications for medical specialists, interviews, conference and journal abstracts, academic posters, and many more.

I write in Dutch and English. A full list of publications can be found here.

… and to be on stage


As long as I can remember, I love to be on stage. From joining theater groups during high school and university to presenting at highly specialized academic conferences.

Since 2021, I work as a moderator/host for events in science, technology, and health. I’ve done this for example for clients such as Delft University of Technology, KNAW, and NWO.


Picture: Melvin Tas

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