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Is getting your writing done a real challenge?


– Not here! –

Go on an academic writing retreat in Spain and combine work with pleasure.

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Getting your writing done can be a real challenge…


The advantages of going on an academic writing week in Spain are big:


  • You will not feel guilty anymore for going to a nice place, because you are on a workation

  • Chances are high that you will do more than you would have when you stayed home

  • You will leave satisfied and relaxed, ready to continue the work at home

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Curious about the writing retreat?

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What is an academic writing week?

Your academic writing week in Spain…

  • Is a workation for academics

Whether you are a PhD student or a Postdoc; during your this workation you can focus on getting your writing done, while enjoying the Spanish sun. It’s a well-deserved guilt-free break from your day-to-day obligations.

  • Is an intense week

You will connect with fellow academics, you will make a lot of progress on your writing, and you will do fun activities. Albeit being intense, you will feel satisfied after this writing retreat.

  • Is a writing retreat where you decide what to work on

Before the week starts, you will decide what you are going to work on. We will start every day plenary, to discuss what you want to achieve today. After that, there is plenty of room for you to do why you are here: writing!

  • Is not an academic writing course

This is a week where you will write your academic paper, grant, proposal, etcetera, and finally get the words on paper. It is not a course on how to improve your academic writing skills.

  • Is not a week for soloists

Although you will work hard, you will also connect and meet your supportive group of fellow researchers. They will cheer you toward your writing goals so that it will be easier to reach them!

  • Is not a writing retreat in the middle of nowhere

I am proud to tell you that the “Casa” where you will be staying during your writing week, is located in the middle of the old town of Velez-Malaga. In other words: You can have a drink on a sunny terrace within a 5-minute stroll.

For who?

The academic writing week is something for you if

you need a change of scenery, but you are too busy with work

The academic writing week is a perfect combination of work and leisure. The sun in Velez-Malaga shines over 300 days a year, so you are sure of good breaks outside.

you want to connect with other academics and have a good time together

By going to an academic writing week, you will meet new (international) PhD students and Postdocs. You can talk about your life and work, and go on different activities together.

you want to make big steps on your academic writing

During this week, you will pre-commit yourself to writing. Therefore, you will definitely make big steps with your writing, maybe even more than expected beforehand!

The academic writing week in pictures

The venue

This is where you will be staying:

The academic writing retreat is located in the middle of Vélez-Málaga, Southern Spain.



  • Find your own writing spot in this Spanish townhouse with over 350 squared meters.
  • Swim every day in your own swimming pool
  • Feel the sun on your skin when having a coffee on a terrace for around 1 euro
  • Cycle to the beach in less than 20 minutes with your own bike
  • Enjoy the real Spain and unwind after a day of hard work
  • Get to know fellow academics in a relaxed setting

Group size

5-8 fellow academics and one group leader


  • Enough space to find your ideal writing spot: on a big communal table, or in a quiet corner
  • Outside or inside: whatever you prefer
  • A group check-in every day and structured writing sessions, to help you feel motivated


  • 6 bedrooms with 3 double beds and 7 single beds
  • 2 large bathrooms
  • Single occupancy of bedrooms available at extra charge


  • Free internet to use
  • Good internet speed inside and outside
I would love to hear more!

Your group leader

She is a scientist herself!

Hi there! I am Tonke, a scientist myself.

I hold a PhD in medical engineering from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Now, I live partly in the Netherlands and in Southern Spain, where I host the academic writing weeks.

After obtaining my PhD degree, I started my own business “Doctor Tonke”. I help PhD students become independent and confident researchers by offering academic support. Moreover, I worked as a Postdoc for a Dutch hospital and I do freelance research and medical writing work.

During the last year of my PhD, I went on and off to Spain to focus on writing my papers.  It was amazing. Every single time I did more than I expected beforehand. I came back powerful and in control.

I immediately knew that this was something I wanted to share with other academics. The first academic writing week in June 2022 was a big success, and now we’re ready for more!


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2022 week 1:

Sunday 19 – Saturday 25th of June


2023 week 1:

New dates have to be set

The investment

€1399 Normal investment

Early-Bird: €899*

*Early-Bird registration available NOW
*BONUS: First two participants get either free access to my e-course How-to-Publish (EUR 297), or a 1:1 strategy session (EUR 149). You choose.


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What is included?

From breakfast to activities. Find it out here


  • 6 nights academic workation in a 350 squared metres Andalusian townhouse with a private pool
  • 6 times a self-service breakfast: yogurt, toast, fruit, oats, ham, cheese, juice, etc.
  • 6 times healthy group lunches. 
  • coffee and tea breaks throughout your stay (good coffee, good tea, fresh fruit, and cookies)
  • a cleaning lady who cleans the house twice
  • all group activities: welcome drinks, pilates 2x, paella tasting, tapas tasting, catamaran sunset trip, and goodbye breakfast (activities upon availability).
  • group support and all structured writing sessions led by an experienced researcher with PhD title

not included

  • your flight or another transport method
  • your dinners – you can choose for yourself if you want to go out for dinner or use the big communal kitchen!
  • your cancellation and travel insurance
  • additional individual support*
  • a private room**

*If needed, you can book additional individual support with me. Please ask me about this service.
** Bedrooms at your venue are big (no bunk beds) and shared (same-sex). There’s one private room. If available, you can book this room at an additional cost of 200 Euros.

Video Reviews

Find out what others say about the writing retreat


Hugo Verhelst
PhD student in computational mechanics
Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Jacqueline Shaia
PhD student in clinical translational science
Case Western Reverse University, United States

Katharine Henry
PhD student in English and Comparative Literature
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, United States

“Every time I did more than expected”
“I’m ahead of schedule”
“I can’t believe I’m in Spain, working on my grant”



Frequently Asked Questions

Is this writing week something for me?

Depends! It is for all academics who would like to work hard while enjoying the Spanish sun. For those who like to get to know new people and new cultures.

PhD Researchers, Postdocs, Assistant Professors, and Medical Writers are very welcome during the writing week. Not sure if this would be you? Feel free to discuss this with me.

How do I get there?

It is easy to get to the Academic Writing Week. You can fly to Malaga airport. From there, you can go to Velez-Malaga in less than 40 minutes by car or taxi, or you can take public transport (~2 hours).

We even had a participant who traveled all the way from the Netherlands to Spain by train. Whatever you prefer:).

Do I have to work 40 hours?

You can choose your own schedule. In the morning at 08.30h, you will start plenary and discuss your goals for the day with the group. Then, you will write until lunchtime and have lunch with the group.

After lunch, you can decide if you want to do something fun, have that video call with your co-authors, or if you continue writing. It’s up to you.

Why is dinner not included?

We noticed that most people prefer to have the freedom to choose what they want to do after lunch. This means that you can for example go to the beach and have tapas there, you can visit Malaga city and have drinks there, or you can stay at the venue and cook in the communal kitchen.

The lunches that are served are big dishes with a lot of vegetables, so you can keep your dinner small if you prefer.

I do have a specific diet?

That’s ok! After you register, you will get a questionnaire where you can indicate all your dietary restrictions and allergies. Up to now, we have had people who ate vegetarian and gluten-free. Tell me what you need, and I will try to accommodate you as best as I can!

I’m worried about the costs?

I understand going on this retreat might be a lot of money for you; however, you will get a lot back in return! Ask yourself what the writing week would bring you? Maybe you will be finished quicker, which will save you time (and money)? Talk about it with your supervisor and graduate school. Is there any funding available?

Also, you probably don’t need to take holiday for the week, as you will be working. This means that you are actually earning your money and saving time while you’re at the retreat!

Can I have my own bedroom?

Yes, you can have your own bedroom at an additional cost of EUR200. If you don’t choose this option, you will have your own bed in a shared bedroom with people from the same sex.

What happens if I can’t come because of COVID-19?

We recommend you to take a travel insurance with COVID cover, including trip cancellation, so that your costs can be reimbursed by the insurance if you e.g. catch covid yourself or if you’re not allowed to travel.

My question is not answered here?

You can schedule a short free call with me, and I will be more than happy to answer your question(s) about the academic writing week!

Ready to come over to Spain and get your writing done?

Make BIG steps with your writing and enjoy your time!