Hi there

I am Doctor Tonke, a medical engineer having a PhD from Delft University of Technology. It’s nice to meet you!

Doctor Tonke offers two services:

Academic support for PhD Candidates and MSc Students
Freelance academic services for universities, research institutes and companies

Academic Support

Individual PhD and MSc Consultation

Based on your individual needs. For example:

  • Presentation/defence preparation
  • Coaching
  • Planning
  • Graphic design
  • Data visualization

Digital PhD Support Groups

Small groups (6-8 persons) of PhD researchers from all over the world

  • 6 weeks program
  • Setting goals for the week
  • Sharing last week’s results
  • Learn from each other and meet peers
  • Each week a different topic: Motivation, Planning, Work-Life Balance, etc.

Freelance academic services

For universities, research institutes and companies

  • Research
  • Data analytics and visualization
  • (Academic) Writing
  • (Academic) Graphic design
  • Medical engineering

For short- and long-term projects

  • Project/programme manager
  • Researcher
  • Science policy maker
  • Data analyst
  • Consultant
Completed Doctoral Dissertation
Coached PhD Candidates
Attended international conferences
Academic figures designed

“Enthusiastic, pragmatic and highly analytical. Getting the most out of myself and others is what drives me.” – Tonke

The Digital PhD Group was great to share some experiences, feelings and advice with other like-minded PhD students from around the world, which is quite a rare opportunity usually.

Emily ThomasImperial College London, UK

Doctor Tonke shared so many good tips and tricks and I have enjoyed implementing them! Finally, she's approachable, kind, friendly and always so happy!

Harriet Earle-BrownUniversity of Exeter, UK

"The size of the group and the way Tonke moderated the conversation helped create a safe space where everybody shared openly about their progress and goals."

Deborah SumterDelft University of Technology