Graphic design


Individual support

Individual academic support according to your needs! Do you find yourself struggling at times with your research? Perhaps you do not get enough support from your supervisors? Tell me more about what you would like to change and we will work on that!

Topics that we can work on are, for example:

  • Motivation
  • Work-life harmony
  • Confidence/imposter syndrome
  • Setting realistic goals
  • Making choices in your academic life
How will we work?

We will have an intake of approximately 30 minutes. During this intake, we get to know each other, and we decide if we are a good fit for each other. We will also talk shortly of what you would like to get out of the sessions and what you would like to achieve. I do not work with a predetermined coaching’s programme. We will set dates for the sessions together. All consultations are via zoom.

— A very important note: I am not a psychologist and don’t pretend to be one. Therefore, If you are struggling with your mental health, I am not the right person for you, and I will always advice you to contact your GP and/or psychologist. —

Presentation preparation

One of the things I love about being a researcher is to be able to communicate my results. From an early age, I loved to be on the stage, and I joined many theatre groups. Therefore, I can help you from start to end with preparing your oral and/or poster presentation! In 2016, I even got an award for best oral presentation at a conference for biomedical engineers.

Content and visuals

A good scientific presentation needs clear slides. I like to incorporate beautiful graphics, having a great story line and leaving as much as possible text out of the slides. How does a good presentation look like for you? When are you fascinated? Most probably, it’s not only about the content of the research, but also about the looks and the story. We can work on that!

Presentation skills

Nervous when giving a presentation? Not sure what to tell, or how you will come across? We can work on that! Together we will find out what makes you feel incomfortable, we will make sure that you are well prepared, and that you will rock the stage!

Planning and time management

Doing PhD or MSc research can be overwhelming at times. We all know that feeling! Where to start? How to prioritize? When to finish?

A good planning and setting up clear goals can do miracles. My schedule was often my life saver during my PhD. I can give you advice on how to plan and how to prioritize. Together, we can discuss your research project and what you would like to achieve. We can find out what works best for you, as everyone is different.

We always keep in mind your personal life as well.

Graphic design

Would you like to make your conference presentation a little extra fancy? Or would you prefer to have beautiful paper figures, where people get the most important message of the figure right away? Perhaps you are looking for someone who can do the graphic design for your dissertation?

I am a very creative person and love to work with the professional computer software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Indesign, but I am also definitely not hesitant to grab my pencils. I did the lay-out for my dissertation all by myself and more recently, I did the digital graphic design for a children’s book “Het staartje van Mama Nijlie is ziek“, written by Janne de Jong.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you find yourself struggling making your science beautiful and understandable!


Data are so important in science! What’s better than diving deeply into new data and getting novel insights? Tell me what you need, and we will go for it. Please note that when you’re a PhD Candidate or a MSc student, I am not going to do the analysis FOR you, because I believe that’s not fair. However, we can discuss your plans and I can definitely guide and help you with this part of your research.

Data analysis

I do my data analysis in Matlab, 3D slicer and Excel. I am experienced in e.g. sensor data analysis, medical image analysis, questionnaire data and 3D printing.

Data visualization

I like clear data visualization. With software like Adobe Illustrator I can create beautiful figures, graphs and infographics for you, to clearly communicate your science with your research group, supervisor or the world.