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Are you about to start, or have you just started with your PhD?

Are you in your first or second year of your PhD? Congratulations! Doing research is such a fantastic thing. But, you might have experienced moments of insecurities as well. Where do you start and make sure that your PhD will be a succes?

In this PhD Starters Kit, I bundled all my experiences during my time as a PhD student. Save yourself time and frustration and use this kit as a guidance for your PhD process.

You can get immediate access to the PhD Starters Kit now. I’m sure you won’t regret it. But.. if you do regret it? No problem. Just let me know and I will give you your money back. 100% refund policy.

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“I need this PhD Starters Kit!”

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Hi there! I am Tonke, a scientist myself.

I hold a PhD in medical engineering from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Now, I work as a postdoc in a hospital, where I do clinical research. I have done it all: published in many academic journals, got an award for best oral presentation at a conference, and got my PhD title. I can say that am a confident scientist now.

But I also know the other side: feeling insecure about where to start and how to continue, having a massive writer’s block, another sleepless night about my rejected manuscript…

So, after all these years of research experience, I decided in 2020 to start my own business “Doctor Tonke”. I help PhD students become independent and confident researchers by offering academic support. For me, the combination of doing research and providing academic support is THE BEST!

This is what you will get


PhD Starters Kit Welcome

  • Welcome video: How to use this PhD Starters Kit
  • Contents
  • Disclaimer
  • My background


Starting as a PhD

  • How to survive your first year
  • Your PhD your way
  • Work-life harmony

Comes with a checklist!


PhD Project management

  • How to focus
  • How to set goals
  • How to plan
  • How to deal with frustration and motivation problems

Comes with examples of my PhD planning!


Academic writing

  • The structure of an academic paper
  • Abstract writing
  • Seven tips to make a habit of writing


Academic publishing

  • The five steps of the publication process
  • Open Access
  • Publishing your data
  • Assignment: publication plan


Presenting during your PhD

  • Oral presentations
  • Poster presentations
  • Four tips for online presentations
  • Controlling your nerves
  • How to handle questions


Communication with your team

  • Building your team
  • How to handle your supervisor
  • Sharing your plans

You will get access to all materials of the PhD Starters Kit for one year

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+ Two bonus videos

Free Bonus 1: Video on Journal Selection

One of the most important things when you are going to submit your paper is to select a proper journal. After watching this video, you will know how to select a proper journal that fits your needs.

This is an exclusive video from the online PhD-Academy course on How to Publish!

Free Bonus 2: Taking the next career step – VLOG

In this bonus video you will get three tips on taking the next career step that you can start implementing right away.

It was awarded as the best vlog in a contest of Academic Transfer, which is a job website for academics.

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“Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

Why so cheap?

I help PhD students become independent and confident researchers by e.g. my online PhD academy. I want as many people to hear about my business “Doctor Tonke”.

Actually, it is a crazy prize, but I want one of my products to be accessible for everyone who is doing a PhD. The PhD Starters Kit is the best product for that, as it is a general kit to get you started.

Is this PhD Starters Kit something for me?

This PhD Starters Kit is especially developed for PhD students who are in their first or second year, or are about to start. I am sure that if that’s you, you will benefit from the kit!

How do I get access to the kit?

After registration, you will automatically be directed to the payment page. After paying, you will get immediate access to the online teaching environment, with all modules, videos, and documents.

You will get access for a year. After that, your subscription is expired. There is NO automatic extension.

It’s a lot. Can I get more support?

If you have questions about the kit, you can always send me an e-mail at

Would you like to get more support during your PhD? Then my e-course on How-to-Publish from the online PhD-Academy and Academic Writing Retreats in Spain might be something for you. Check them out here:

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Created by an experienced researcher, holding a PhD in medical engineering.

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*You will get access to all materials for one year. There is NO automatic extension.

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