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Hi, I am Tonke, a scientist myself.

I hold a PhD in medical engineering from Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands. Now, I work as a postdoc in a hospital, where I do clinical research. I have done it all: published in many academic journals, got an award for best oral presentation at a conference, and got my PhD title. I can say that am a confident scientist now.

But I also know the other side: feeling insecure about where to start and how to continue, having a massive writer’s block, another sleepless night about my rejected manuscript…

So, after all these years of research experience, I decided in 2020 to start my own business “Doctor Tonke”. I help PhD students become independent and confident researchers by offering academic support.

I would love to learn how to publish!

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The Digital PhD Group was a really nice way to connect with other PhDs from all over the world and talk about topics that we could use some extra help with such as time management, planning and motivation.

The fact that Tonke asked us what we wanted to discuss each week ensured that we discussed topics that were relevant to us. The size of the group and the way she moderator the conversation helped create a safe space where everybody shared openly about their progress and goals.

Deborah Sumter
Delft University of Technology